Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hotel Novios

So the hotel I'm staying at looks like any old corporate building from the outside and has the kind of ambiance of a youth hostel, but I was really surprised at the character as well as the technology on the inside.

When you put the key into the door, you're welcome to a small room... with another door. This is where you're supposed to take off and leave your shoes before you come into the main living area. I did take off my shoes, but the idea of wearing the slippers bothered me a little bit, so barefoot I go! Also the heating is under the floors so it actually feels good to walk around with bare feet. 

This is my main living area. I've already covered it with all my stuff. You've got the bed which is about a double bed with a window above it where the shutters can close at night if you don't want the city lights coming in. To the left in the photo is my monster checked bag and then even further to the left is a little couch and table. In front of the bed is a huge TV that I haven't figured out how to work yet since all the instructions are in Korean as I'm sure the channels are in as well.
My little couch and table (with lots of food). I forgot to mention that Mr. Choi even got me a Quiznos sandwich. It was BBQ Chicken. Delicious.
 Here's the TV and computer that I've hidden in place of a picture collage that Nick gave me before I left.
 The bathrooms here are interesting. Most of the showers don't have curtains or even tubs so when you take a shower water gets all over everything, which is the idea. There's a drain in the floor for excess water and everything in the bathroom is made to get wet. It makes cleaning it really easy, but getting water on the floor still bothers me so I put a towel down where most of the water lands.
 The view from my window. There are lots of apartments in Bundang so I'm thinking that's what most of the buildings to the left are. The ones in the center and to the right are mainly offices.
Time to enjoy my "Korean" num nums and get started at work!

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